Lake Idro

On the Trentino shore of Lake Idro, the beaches are perfect for those seeking moments of relaxation in a natural setting that is still intact and far from mass tourism.

The water of the lake is not only clear and transparent, but also pleasantly warm: in summer the temperature is around 24° and remains pleasant until September, making the lake also suitable for swimming at the end of the season.

Characterised by a pebbly bottom, the beaches in Baitoni are sunny and spacious, so visitors always find ample space to rest and do not suffer the stress of overcrowding typical of the high season.

There are two beaches on the Trentino shore: one is Porto Camarelle, close to the mountain, the other is the long, narrow beach located in Idroland. The two shores are separated by the Idro Lake Nature Reserve but still connected by a wooden footbridge, which can also be comfortably covered by bicycle, and which is a pleasant walk even in winter. Nearby campsites, bars and accommodation facilities offer refreshment with cold drinks, ice cream and snacks during the opening periods.

Since 2017, the Porto Camarelle beach has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag: clean bathing water, no sewage discharge, accessibility for the disabled, and excellent management policies to combine tourism and respect for the environment… an award to be truly proud of!